Most of the time, one is attentively watching TV as he or she is interested in the content. Whether it be a movie, TV show, or documentary. The viewer would be curious to see what happens throughout the video.   Also, the viewer would be disappointed when a commercial is played, because it is disrupting the film and makes the viewer wait longer until the end of the video.

However, the act of watching TV can also become boring to one. The first occasion would occur when one has already seen the film multiple times. Then the viewer already knows what is going to happen and when it will happen. Therefore the viewer will not be as attentive as he or she begins to be bored. The viewer may begin to do something else to capture his or her attention with the TV still playing.

Another occasion when the viewer becomes bored while watching TV could is when the viewer is uninterested in the genre of the video. For example, if one is really into action movies, he or she may become bored while watching a romantic comedy. It can even occur the other way around. One who enjoys watching romantic comedies may become bored while watching an action movie, unless the viewer likes both genres, which is possible.  If one doesn’t like singing, then he or she is more likely to get bored during a musical.

The content of the video can also cause the view to become bored with the video. If someone was forced to watch something for history class, but is uninterested in the topic, then he or she will become bored with the documentary. Or if your family is all watching a movie, and you are not interested in the story line, then you are going to be bored watching it.

If one gets bored during a movie, TV show, or documentary, then he or she may result to do something else to occupy their attention. One may turn to electronics, like going on one’s phone or laptop and checking social networks or playing games. One may even fall asleep watching the video, or just space off and start day dreaming.

Currently, I am watching Game of Thrones with my floor mates, and it demonstrates the first boredom occurrence that one TV show can be boring to one person whose already seen the show but not to the other viewer. One of the watchers is very interested in the show and curious to see what happens next. He is alert with his big round eyes glued to the TV screen. On the other hand, the other watcher is bored because she has already seen the episode. Since she knows what events are happening and what is going to happen, she is half-watching the show. She is not as attentive as the other views as she is just listening to the show and playing a game on her phone.

Another example would be someone going to the movie theater to watch a movie. And since you paid to watch it on the big screen, you are most likely more interested in the story line or content. However, for me personally, if I check the time during the movie, then I know that I became bored of the film.


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