An unofficial, but important rule in Pittsburgh is that one should never leave home without an easily accessible umbrella. For a person waking up in Pittsburgh, it is not uncommon to see the sky in various shades of gray with the promise of some form of precipitation. Sometimes a day will even start out beautifully, and then unexpectedly start to downpour later on. Unfortunately for many people, the dull light that barely shows through the blinds in the morning can cause an instant bad mood that might last the entire day. Rain seems to give off a depressing vibe because it can ruin plans, leaving a person to be stuck inside and ultimately bored.

On rainy days, people usually do whatever they can to avoid going outside. College students might skip a class or two because the walk is too far to go in the rain. A person might make himself food at home, even though he planned on going out to dinner that night. Outdoor sports’ practices will most likely be cancelled. Most people do not like the idea of having to be stuck inside all day though. It can become boring to have to be confined to the same area all day, forced to only look within the walls surrounding oneself.

I will be the first to say that seeing a gray sky subtly peeking through my window in the morning just makes me want to go right back to bed. It feels significantly more difficult to get out of bed because I know I will not want to go outside all day. On these days, I probably will not even change out of my pajamas until after lunchtime. Though the rain should not affect my ability to do school work, it does. The dreary scene outside that poorly lights my room acts in a way that demotivates me. Instead of working on things for school, it makes me want to lay on the couch all day, snuggled in a blanket, and watching Netflix. I do not really want to socialize because my mood is a reflection of the weather.

Due to the fact that rain is not something most people want to see when they look outside, the importance of rain can easily be neglected. Not only does it allow plants and trees to grow, but it gives people a reason to enjoy the days that are 70 degrees and sunny. On nice days, people can go outside and spend a day at the river, but without the rain to wash the river clean and keep it at an appropriate level, people would not be able to do activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, or even fishing. It is hard for people to appreciate the good aspects of rain when they are stuck inside thinking about what they could be doing if it was nice out.

Rain makes people sad and bored, but it is necessary in order to appreciate nice days. Whether a person likes it or not, there will be rainy days (especially here in Pittsburgh), and the boredom will inevitably come with those days. However, they make it acceptable to watch Netflix all day, and sometimes people want to do that, but if it was nice out, a person would be judged for not being outside. The takeaway here is that boredom is unavoidable. The boring rainy days are going to keep coming, but the best thing to do is just embrace that it has a purpose which is not to ruin anyone’s day.


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