When you usually plan a vacation, you are filled with excitement of the future memories, good food, and experiences that will occur. However, since it’s not possible to teleport to locations, there are intermediates that we must use in order to get to our desired locations.

Most people think that long car rides are tedious, or that buses that ship you from location to location are tedious. I think that planes are the worst way of travel; there are an innumerable amount of ways in which you could get stuck and helpless for hours and hours, with no way to change your fate.

Between the space of being at your home and at your desired location are the hours spent traveling to and from this location. More often than not, these periods of time drag on, and seem unbearable. Another rule to these times in terminals or on aircraft is that there is no way to escape these unending periods of time.

The most frequent locations in which these long intervals of boredom occur are: waiting for a flight to arrive, sitting on the runway & waiting for your turn to take off, waiting for a delayed flight, waiting in line for baggage claim, waiting in line the check your bag in security, etc. The common theme with being bored at an airport/in a plane is waiting.

We are so accustomed to the fast-paced, instant gratification, now now now world that we live in that waiting and just relaxing in the minute bore us so easily. We do not want to wait for the plane, we do not want to wait to get our bags, and we want everything now because…?

It is almost certain that everyone thinks that his or her time is precious. One could say that we are vain creatures who place themselves above others in regards to individual value. It is a disgusting thing that we do, and we usually do it based on outward appearances, which typically reflect nothing about the actual individual’s worth. We get bored of waiting for a flight because we think that our precious time is being wasted when we could employ is doing something more beneficial, such as increasing melanin production in skin cells.

Do we get bored in periods of inactivity and no stimulation simply because we do not want to think of what we could be doing? During lapses of time, like whilst waiting for a flight, in which we become bored we essentially inactivate our brains by zoning out, daydreaming, or not thinking at all. Perhaps we do this to avoid thinking of the paradise waiting for us once we get our bags, or the view of the sun peeking over cotton candy clouds. Maybe boredom at airports protects us from thinking about the final destination too much. If we overthink, we hope too much. We make impossible speculations of what this place is going to be like, and it cannot hope to live up to expectations. Boredom allows us to experience situations with more novelty and enjoyment than if we thought of them all the time. Maybe boredom is not as terrible as we think it is; its literal mind-numbing capabilities keep us from getting our hopes to high, but it also reveals the disgusting fact that we value our time over others.


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