Boredom and Human Nature


When one takes the time to step back and look at life in its entirety, it is not too difficult to see that we constantly subject ourselves to boredom. From the age of about five or six, we expose ourselves to the same, dull classrooms and the monotonous lessons of our teachers. We continue this for up to thirteen years of our life until we finally graduate high school. Then, we head off to college and, once again, sit through a majority of classes that we could careless about. After two to eight years of college (and graduate school for some), we move on to the real world and do jobs that most of us despise and cannot stand until we eventually retire and die. Why do we do this? If we only have one, brief life, why do we waste it by being miserable and bored?

The answer is money. In present day society, everything we do revolves around money. We spend a majority of our life preparing to make money and eventually making money just so we can die comfortably with some luxury. And for the most part, we are bored through the whole process. Why? Why not live life the way you want to?

Because the world is controlled by human desire. We subject ourselves to misery and monotony just for the sake of having nice material things. Most people loathe their occupation, but almost none of them will leave that job because of the risk of losing their material world. Some people may find a career that truly makes them happy, but the majority of people are completely controlled and manipulated by capital and happiness is put on the backburner. To waste the prime years of life on being bored just for the sake of money sounds ludicrous, but we all do it. Greed is the figurative and literal heart of human instinct. We cannot live without it, no matter how hard we try.

Take Black Friday for example. People show up at ungodly hours of the morning at every store in America. Every year, reports and videos surface of riots and physical altercations during the busiest day of the year for stores. People are killed every single year at Black Friday. And for what? To save a few extra bucks on that videogame system that their kid wants? We may appear to be civilized, but at our roots we are just as primitive and instinctual as a common beast. Our true form rears its ugly head when others threaten our materialism. Our desires rule us and everything that we do. No one, or no thing, can stop us when we let human nature take over.

Boredom is one of the most uncomfortable experiences one can have. To be uninterested and stagnant is the closest feeling we can have to dying because it is a waste of your precious time in your short life. And yet, we all subject ourselves to it almost everyday, just so we can have nice things and live more comfortably.

Even those of us who recognized that greed rules us must still abide by it. It is exactly what I am doing. I go to class everyday and learn as much as I can, but I am bored with every minute of it. Even my major bores me to death, but it is what I am good at. I figure if I am going to be bored for the rest of my life, I might as well be successful at it.


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