Office Buildings



When taking an external view or internal view of an office building, the fact still remains that the structure takes on a very plain, un-exciting connotation.  They are usually structurally-sound buildings with no variation throughout, and its inhabitants are usually a mundane group of white collars all dressed in the same type of outfit as they walk by each other sipping their coffee saying “Hey, whats up Jim?”.  The buildings appearance is usually nothing special, as if the builders just through office space together real quick just to simply get it done and get people moved in.  The funny thing is I could see there being roughly twenty Jim’s, Bob’s, or Dave’s in an office of a hundred people.  It just always seem like places like these just attract boring people who wish to work in a cubicle for the rest of their lives.

When looking at the buildings content, nothing is usually special about the inside of an office building.  If I asked anyone to explain the internal space of an office building, they would probably say things like: cubicles, men in suits, those water dispensers with the big jug sticking out of the top(because what office space has an actual water fountain?), coffee makers, a small break room with a refridgerator and microwave, a lot of glass windows, and referring to a blog post I read earlier, vending machines.  The people especiaily are mundane, and it is obvious they are living a mundane lifestyle.  The arrive at the office building the same time everyday, plug a few numbers in the computer until 5:00, go home to his/her family, and repeat.  This may not be the case for everyone, but that is just the assumption I usually deduce.  The fact that this is so predictable allows no room for variation in terms of perception, which I believe indicates a boring piece of material.

Not to mention, I frequently take 2-4 hour car rides to visit my family in Ohio and/or Philly, and I dread being cooped in a car for long periods of time.  Anyways, there are two things I see on these car rides: farmland and office buildings.  They all look the same with some sophisticated yet ordinary company name on a sign placed next to the entrance and glass windows all over.  So naturally I would associate these things with a type of boredom.   I try to to find some variation in the architecture, window style, and shape of the building but never had  success.

Another reason I think there is a strong correlation between office buildings and boredom is the concept of childhood, and the countless times Mom and Dad dragged you to the office when a babysitter couldn’t be found.  I don’t know about others, but that was the kiss of death for me because obviously my Mom or no one else was going to pay attention to me as they had more important things to do.  I just remember being so bored, slouching in a shitty chair playing Gameboy, complaining to my Mom, and her saying “Just be patient, it’s a virtue”.  God I hated when she said that.  Oh yeah, and “Take Your Child to Work Day”?  HAH.  Forget it.


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