Vending Machines

Every public place someone goes to in America will usually see an assortment of vending machines. Amusement parks, libraries, schools, museums, office buildings, etc. The list of places with vending machines just goes on and on. They all provide snack food to the public, usually the unhealthy kind. Hillman Library at the University of Pittsburgh has vending machines with many different kinds of snack food.
These vending machines sit there day in day out not moving, and they carry the same products every day. Yes, the machines are restocked regularly and sometimes feature new products, but the type of snack foods supplied does not change. The vending machines themselves do not change either. Exteriorly the machines look the same all the time, and they never change spots or even move an inch. The drink vending machine especially never changes, because the look of the pop bottle on the outside remains the same and the same old drinks are always there.
When going to the vending machines I will sometimes anticipate seeing some kind of new snack or drink. As I walk over I think “today maybe the snack line up will be different” or ”perhaps they have finally added something healthful and tasty for a change”. Unfortunately that is rarely the case. Sometimes there will be a “new” granola bar or bag of chips, but in reality, the new snack is exactly the same as the one it replaced and the only differences that occur are the flavor changed or the brand has changed. I have also experienced a change on occasion in price because the price of the snacks have gone up. As far as I know the vending machine with drinks does not fluctuate drinks, prices, or brand.
Due to the stagnancy of the no change in snack food I always get the same snack. I do not want to be unhealthy and pick junk food that is terrible so I go for the most healthful snack I can tolerate, PopCorners kettle corn chips. Therefore, it is the same routine vending machine trip every time. After so long I get sick of eating the same snack and choosing from the same option and decide not to get anything, but the hope of a new snack keeps me coming back each time I go to the library. For some people I know the lack of change in vending machines snacks also causes them to pick the same snack rather than change and eat something they dislike. They too go up to the machines hoping for new, delicious snack but only find the same options in stock. It becomes a cycle of mundane disappointment.
Just the idea of wanting to get something to eat (something small and yummy) tempts me at least into walking over just to take a look. All I desire is a refreshing energy booster while I take a break from studying or reading, but what do I find? The same two vending machines with the exact same or similar junk food staring me in the face. It’s like Pitt does not want me to chow down but instead actually do work or pack my own healthy food or something.


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